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Fly Line Floating 4wt
Fly Line Floating 4wt

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Fly Line Floating 4wt for streams and rivers.
The ideal place for a 4wt flyline
This 4 wt weight forward floating fly line has been specifically designed for small stream fly fishing,
the gentle front taper allows for the subtle presentation of dry flies and unweighted nymphs,
being a 4wt it has a little more power than the 3wt.
making it capable of turning over heavier nymphs.
This line is quite capable of turning over a 3mm Tungsten bead as you will see in the short video clip .

By applying the same principles that are used in rod design
I have had produced a fly line that I happily recommend for use on cane rods
and one that will work equally well with carbon rods.

The basic profile of the line is weight forward.
However most modern lines have a simple straight front taper from the body of the line out to the tip.
This is OK, however it is not ideal.
A cane rod with a straight taper will be OK.
However it will lack delicacy in the tip and it will also lack power in the butt.
So it is with a fly line.It will also lack a delicate transfer of casting energy out into the tippet.
By using a compound front taper you get the best of both worlds,
the steeper initial transition from body into front taper ensures
that all the power of the cast is driven forward through the front taper,
then as the power nears the tippet the transition becomes more subtle
ensuring that the tippet is not over powered.

These lines are Olive in colour and to cut down on cost they are sold with out packaging.