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Whilst my main business is undoubtedly making cane rods I do spend some time guiding in the Westcountry
and up in Mid Wales.
I am a full member of AAPGAI as well as a level 2 licensed coach with the Angling Trust.
I am happy to introduce beginners to our fascinating pastime although most of my guiding is with anglers
who have done a little fishing.
Generally I don’t supply waders, I can supply rods, reels and flies etc.
I can also bring along various cane rods to try if you are thinking about getting into fishing cane.

Casting tuition £30 per hour , minimum 2 hours
Guided days £180 typically meeting at 9am and fishing 10am until 4pm (this will vary with the season)
please contact me for any further information. luke@splitcane.co.uk

If you are a complete beginner looking for an introduction in to flyfishing
I highly recommend The Devon School of Flyfishing, I have had the pleasure of knowing
Pete Tyjas for many years and would not hesitate recommending them.

Cane Rod Making
If you are looking to have a go at making a cane rod I will be happy to answer any questions by email.

If you would like to spend some time in the workshop the hourly rate is the same for guiding.
I am happy for people to stop by for an hour to have a look at what I do and for a chat with out charge.
However please do bear in mind that for me it is a working day and so if you would like more time in the workshop I will have to charge an hourly rate.
There is no charge if you are stopping to by with a view to ordering a cane (or carbon) rod.
Please do contact me before coming to the workshop to make sure that I am there and available.

If you would like to book a few hours or a day with me please drop me an email at luke@splitcane.co.uk